BiTrack is designed to increase the operational margins and productivity of industrial and rental companies, providing a solution comprised of a low power monitoring device and a cloud-based web and mobile application used by equipment owners, users and technicians to have them monitored, managed and ensure a fast repair service when needed.



Long battery life


Low cost


Plug & play sensors


No infrastructure needed


Share with multiple users

BiTrack does not require any infrastructure to work. All it takes to start using BiTrack is to have an active subscription. We will provide you the BiTrack tracker device and help you set it up in just a few minutes.

BiTrack communicates through the Sigfox LPWAN network, and because of that our devices consume very little energy and don’t need battery replacement. In addition, they adapt very well in environments that are prone to signal interference from metal or physical barriers. For the same reason, BiTrack is also safer against signal jammers used by thieves to block tracker devices based on standard cellular networks.


BiTrack is a value driver solution

Our platform is designed to grant productivity optmization by maximizing asset utilization and reducing the time spent to find or maintain them.

With the help of the BiTrack tracking device, equipment owners such as the industry or rental companies can keep track of where their assets are deployed, who is operating them, and under which conditions, all in real time and remotely.

Managers and supervisors will have, out of the box, access to reports curated to drive operational excellence and cost reduction, all thanks to the data collected with the BiTrack trackers.

From our application, operators can organize their work and avoid competing for equipments that are shared within a team.

Outages can be notified by the operators in our mobile application directly to managers and asset owners, and leverage the BiTrack Asset Collaboration platform to quickly find the best maintenance provider available in that area.